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Complaints procedure of
Ruby Nefkens Legal


1.1. Introduction  
Ruby Nefkens Legal wants its clients to be satisfied. Even so, you might be dissatisfied with some aspect of its service.


If you are dissatisfied with the quality of its services or invoicing, Ruby Nefkens Legal requests you to present your objections to it first.

Ruby Nefkens Legal will work with you to try to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible. It will confirm this solution to you in writing. You can expect its written response to your complaint within four (4) weeks at most.

The complaints procedure is detailed below. Article 2 includes information on the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur) of which Ruby Nefkens Legal is a member.

1.2. Definitions

The terms below are defined as follows in this complaints procedure:


  • complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction by or on behalf of the client against the attorney at law, or against employees working under their responsibility, regarding the formation and performance of an agreement for services, the quality of the services, or the amount of the invoice, other than a complaint as referred to in Section 4 of the Lawyers Act (Advocatenwet);

  • complainant: the client or the client’s representative who gives notice of a complaint;

  • complaints officer: Ruby Nefkens.


1.3. Scope

This complaints procedure applies to every agreement for services between Ruby Nefkens Legal and the client. Ruby Nefkens Legal is responsible for ensuring that complaints are handled in accordance with the complaints procedure.


1.4. Objectives

This complaints procedure aims:


  • to establish a procedure to handle clients’ complaints constructively and within a reasonable period;

  • to establish a procedure to determine the causes of clients’ complaints;

  • to preserve and improve existing relationships through proper complaints handling;

  • to improve the quality of service provision through complaints handling and analysis.

1.5. Information on commencement of services

This complaints procedure has been made public. Before entering into the agreement for services, Ruby Nefkens Legal will advise the client that the firm has a complaints procedure that applies to the provision of services.


In the general terms and conditions, Ruby Nefkens Legal has specified the independent party or body to which an unresolved complaint can be submitted to obtain a binding decision. This is also confirmed in the engagement letter.

Unresolved complaints as referred to in Article 1.2 of this complaints procedure will be submitted to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession (also see Article 2 below). If a client approaches the firm with a complaint, the complaint will be forwarded to Ruby Nefkens, who acts as the complaints officer.


1.6. Complaints officer

Ruby Nefkens will try to reach a solution with the client. Ruby Nefkens will deal with the complaint within 4 (four) weeks of its receipt or inform the complainant if this time limit cannot be met, stating the reasons and the new period within which a decision about the complaint can be given.

If the complaint has been satisfactorily settled, the complainant and Ruby Nefkens will sign the decision on the merits of the complaint.


1.7. Confidentiality and free complaint handling

Ruby Nefkens observes confidentiality when handling complaints. The complainant does not have to pay for the handling of the complaint.


1.8. Responsibilities

Ruby Nefkens is responsible for promptly settling the complaint. Ruby Nefkens will update the complainant on progress in settling the complaint and keep the complaint file up to date.


1.9. Complaint registration

Ruby Nefkens registers the complaint and the topic of the complaint. A complaint can be classified under several topics.


2. Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession
Ruby Nefkens Legal is a member of the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession.


You can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession within twelve (12) months of the date of Ruby Nefkens Legal’s written response.

The Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession can adjudicate complaints about the quality of a attorney at law’s services and the amount of their invoice. Or maybe you feel that you are entitled to compensation. The Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession can also adjudicate compensation claims up to €10,000. You can submit higher compensation claims to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession only if you explicitly cap the amount of the claim at €10,000 and waive the excess in writing.

Ruby Nefkens Legal can also hand over unpaid invoices to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession for collection.

The Disputes Committee handles the case in accordance with the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession Regulation in force when the complaint is submitted to it. The Disputes Committee’s decision cannot be appealed.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the outcome of consulting with Ruby Nefkens, you can file a complaint with the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession. The rules state that you have to first submit your objections to Ruby Nefkens Legal. This avenue is also open to you if Ruby Nefkens Legal has not responded to your complaint in writing within four (4) weeks of your objections.

You can contact the Disputes Committee at:

Secretary of the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession
Bordewijklaan 46 (2nd floor)
2591 XR The Hague
Tel: +31 (0)70 - 310 53 10
PO Box 90600
2509 LP The Hague

This  complaints procedure was drawn up in june 2023.

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